Level: Baciel 8

Spell Resistance: yes

Known as one of the most powerful moves in the Baciel's arsenal, The creature grabs hold of it's prey, flinging it high above it's head and decimating it with a powerful blast of energy before it comes crashing down to the ground. As a Standard action, A Baciel must first make a an attack against the creature's Grapple CMD with a +4 circumstance bonus, if successful they roll damage normally. The opponent is launched a number of feet into the air equal to the damage dealt. The Baciel then makes another attack with it's weapon, if it hits it deals Critical damage along with an additional 1d6 Force damage per level (Max 20d6 at 20th level) A successful fortitude saving throw DC: 19+Strength modifier halves the damage. The opponent falls to the ground within the same round and takes falling damage normally.

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