Cost: +1

Creation: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Sleep, Cost +1

Made of little syringes filled with caffeine. 3 times a day when you would be effected by an ability that would put you to sleep, you can instead choose to resist the effect and instead be sickened for 1 round.


Cost: +2

Creation: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Shield of faith, Cost +2

It's a miracle you survived that one. Once per day when you are struck by a critical hit or a sneak attack, you can make it a normal hit instead.


Cost: +2

Creation: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Bear's endurance, Cost +2

You're full of vigor and fighting spirit! WHAT DO YOU HAVE? GUTS! You gain a bonus to fortitude saving throws equal to your enhancement modifier, and you gain +1 hitpoints per hit dice while this is equipped.

Super Guts

Cost: +3 (And Guts Enchantment)

Creation: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Bear's endurance, False Life, Cost +4

You're full of even more vigor and fighting spirit than before! You gain a number of hit points per hit dice equal to your enchantment modifier. Once per day, when an effect would force you to make a reflex saving throw, you can instead make a fortitude saving throw.


Cost: +3

Creation: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Fox's Cunning, Cost +3

Your armor is high tech and has all of the niftiest gadgets. This can only be applied to armor. You use your intelligence modifier instead of your dexterity modifier to determine your armor class. This still counts things like Maximum Dexterity bonus, you just use your intelligence for your armor class instead of dexterity.


Cost: +2

Creation: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Heroic fortune, Cost +2

You have Hero armor. The perfect armor for a heroic person! When you are attacked by an evil creature, you can make an attack of opportunity against that creature as an immediate action so long as the creature is within the range of your weapon. This can be used 3 times/day. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to any use of a hero point while this armor is equipped. 

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