Some Clerics follow a divine wind or the stars themselves to gain their divine strengths. These clerics are usually in tune with nature, and often are able to see great distances into the future by reading the stars closely and looking for other symbols and hints amongst the stars.

Domains: An Astrologist Cleric only gains a single domain, and must select the Void  or Travel Domain, or one of their Sub-domains as it's domain.  This replaces the Cleric's usual domains.

Diminished Channeling: Your channel energy uses d4's instead of d6's. Otherwise the class feature is identical to the normal feature. This replaces normal channel energy.

Master Diviner: You are a master at finding the locations of anything, using the stars and their formations to guide you. As such, you add all divination spells to the list of spells you can cast. In addition, all divination spells can be cast spontaneously as your bonus cleric spells, and you gain a +1 bonus to the caster level, and a +2 bonus to the save DC's of any divination spells you cast.

Guiding Star (Su): Whenever you can see the open sky at night, you can determine your precise location. When the night sky is visible to you, you may also add your Charisma modifier to your Wisdom modifier on all Wisdom-based checks, and add your wisdom modifier on all charisma based checks. In addition, once per night while outdoors, you can cast one spell as if it were modified by the Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Silent Spell, or Still Spell feat without increasing the spell’s casting time or level. This replaces the Cleric's Pleasure from Pain ability.

Wind Patterns: At 3rd level you learn to read the patterns of the wind. As such you gain the spell Know Direction, usable at will as a swift action.

Star Chart (Ex): At 7th level, Your copious notes contain a working model of the night sky expressed in artistic scribbles and arcane mathematical formulae. Once per day, you may spend 10 minutes contemplating your star chart to gain the benefit of the spell commune.


If Reincarnating into this class after having already been this class, or a class with similar abilities, check the following page to see what ability you'll get instead at the levels you would normally gain an already achieved class ability.

Astrologist Reincarnation

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