The category of weapons is actually a collection of many different weapons. These include all weapons located in the Blades (Light) and the Blades (Heavy) Category of weapons. These are the bastard sword, elven curve blade, falchion, greatsword, longsword, scimitar, scythe, two-bladed sword, dagger, kama, kukri, rapier, sickle, starknife, Beam Saber, and short sword.

Level 1

Silver Flash (Katana Synergy)

Blade Rush


Beam Slash (Beam Saber Synergy)


Sniper Edge (Dagger Synergy)



Level 2

Trick Blade (Dagger Synergy)


Striker (Rapier Synergy)


Aero Striker (Dagger Synergy)


Berserker (Great Sword Synergy)



Level 3


Hurricane Slash



Tornado Slash (Great Sword Synergy)


Ground Blade


The Shadow (Katana Synergy)



Level 4


Moon Slash


Cross X Slash


Twin Saber (Beam Saber Synergy)


Illusion Hunt (Dagger Synergy)


Ring Arrow (Rapier Synergy)


Sword Choppin


Level 5


X-Level Flurry


Dark Secrecy


Multi Strat


Thousand Blades


Ice Slash (Great Sword Synergy)


Fire Slash (Great Sword Synergy)


Raging Fangs (Dagger Synergy)


Rising Stab (Rapier Synergy)


Shadow Scythe



Level 6


Wind Cutter



Storm Blade (Katana Synergy)


Angel Wing (Beam Saber Synergy)



Fire Storm (Dagger Synergy)



Aquaris (Rapier Synergy)


Nether Slash


Level 7


Winged Slayer



Outlaw (Dagger Synergy)


Darkness Falls (Great Sword Synergy)

Heaven Ray (Rapier Synergy)


Soaring Nonuple


Wings of Fire (Merciful Healer Synergy)


 Level 8


Showtime (Dagger Synergy)


Omega Force (Beam Saber Synergy)


Rolling Thunder (Katana Synergy)


Slayer's Descent


Zodiac (Great Sword Synergy)


Super Crosslord


Crimson Rain


Infinite Graves


Level 9


Dark X-Slash




Dimension Slash



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