Level: Succubus 3

Spell Resistance: yes

You give a little wiggle of your butt and the opponent transforms with a puff of smoke into a bat, you then float above them, twirl and squash them on the concrete (You’d better have some concrete around by now). As a standard action, select a single creature within 100 feet. The creature must make a fortitude save DC: 13+ Charisma modifier or be transformed into a bat, for the duration of this technique the creature is considered to be unarmored and to be of tiny size with a dexterity score of 15, none of the creatures weaknesses or resistances are accessible for the duration of this technique nor is damage reduction. The Succubus gets one attack at her highest base attack bonus, if she hits she deals double damage as well as 1d6 damage per level (Max 10 d6). The opponent turns back into their normal self at the end of the turn.

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