Level: Slumbercat 6

Spell Resistance: No

Summoning a giant stage and a huge umbrella, your wielder spins the umbrella at a breakneck speed and you toss your foes onto the spinning umbrella along with random knick knacks. The wielder tosses everything skyward and you slash through it with the accuracy of a Samurai. As a full attack action, place a 20 foot burst anywhere within 60 feet. Creatures in this area must make a Reflex saving throw DC: 16+ Dexterity modifier or take normal damage as well as an additional 1d4 per level (Max 20d4). Creatures that succeed take half damage, and are moved 5 feet in any direction. Creatures who fail take full damage and are knocked prone as well as being knocked away 10 feet per level (Max 200 feet).

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