Level: Nekomata 8

Spell Resistance: no

Throwing at least 10 billion punches and a supreme uppercut, you launch your opponent before ricocheting back and fourth around the area landing powerful blows on the now lifeless enemy. Make a full attack on your opponent with an extra attack at your highest base attack bonus. Your opponent is launched a number of feet in the air equal to the damage dealt. You gain another attack at your highest bonus (at a -4 penalty) and if it hits it deals X2 damage (X3 on a critical hit). Furthermore it sends the opponent down to the ground dealing falling damage as usual. Finally make a final attack against your opponent at a -8 penalty, if this attack hits you deal X2 damage (X3 on a critical hit) and deal all of the falling damage you should take to the opponent instead. If you miss this attack, you take falling damage as usual.

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