Clerics Edit

Spells: Beginning at 1st level, When you gain a new level as a cleric, you gain 1 additional Cleric spell you can cast per day. In addition, when you gain another spell level, you gain another spell per day for that spell level and every spell level before it to a maximum of 3 additional spells per day for most spell slots. Clerics gain an additional +1 spell per spell slot as bonus spells that stacks with the bonus spells granted on their first incarnation.

Orisons: This works as the listed ability. It possesses no additional effects.

Channel Energy: Cleric's channel energy increases as if you were a cleric of your own level -8. This does not count the maximized hit dice that are gained at 1st level of reincarnation. (Max of +7d6 at 20th level) You also gain an additional 3 uses per day of it.

Pleasure from pain: You can use this an additional 3 times per day.

Healing Ecstasy: You gain another use per day of this ability.

Domains: You gain 2 additional domains and access to all of their abilities. You must select a different domain than the ones selected the first time.

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