Level: Slumbercat 6

Spell Resistance: no

In a series of aerial acrobatics, you beat the shit out of your foe, slamming him into the ground only to raise him up and bat him around again and again. Make a full attack against an opponent within reach. Each attack you land deals an additional 1d8 damage. Once the attack is over you deal additional damage afterwards depending on how many hits you land. A successful fortitude saving throw DC: 16+Dexterity modifier cuts additional damage in half.

1 Hit: Nothing

2 Hits: 3d6 Bypass DR with this damage.

3 Hits: 6d6 Bypass DR with this damage.

4 Hits: 9d6 Bypass DR with this damage.

5 Hits: 12d6, Bypass DR with all damage dealt by this technique.

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