The category of weapons is actually a collection of many different weapons. These weapons include the hand Gun, hand crossbow, light crossbow, Remote, and light repeating crossbow, heavy crossbow, heavy repeating crossbow, chain gun, bazooka, rifle, flame thrower, and Makai Cannon.

= Level 1 =

Shot (Rifle Synergy)


Gatling (Gatling Gun Synergy)


Grenade (Bazooka Synergy)


= Level 2 =


Enemy Shoot (Crossbow Synergy)


Tri Burst


Splitting Bullet


Fire Breath (Flame Thrower Synergy)


Last Shot


= Level 3=

Gunman Spirit


Gaia Blast


Icicle Sword Gun


Speeding Bullet


Charge Bullet (Rifle Synergy)


Shadow Blast (Bazooka Synergy)


Explosion (Bazooka Synergy)


Sub-Zero (Flame Thrower Synergy)

Victory Bullet

= Level 4 =


Dark Matter Ether


Rapid Fire


Cocktail Shaker


Bloody Rain (Gatling Gun Synergy)


Twin Shot


Gimlet Gun (Shotgun Synergy)

= Level 5 =


Armor Piercing


Proximal Shot


Quick Shot (Necromancer Synergy)


Rapid Launcher

Shotgun Craft


= Level 6 =


Magical Rain


Deadly Down Under


Psychic Blast (Rifle Synergy)


Space Travel (Bazooka Synergy)


Volcanic Fury (Flame Thrower Synergy)


Poseidon (Flame Thrower Synergy)

= Level 7 =


Megagun Launcher


Bullet Storm


Cluster Launcher


Crazy Killer (Gatling Gun Synergy)



Homing Eraser

Go to Hell (Rifle Synergy)

= Level 8 =




Dark Filament


Gun Fu


Astro Flare (Bazooka Synergy)


Shooting Stars


= Level 9 =




Hellfire Catharsis


Cocytus's Rage


Prism Burster


Carnage (Gatling Gun Synergy)


Hephaestos (Flame Thrower Synergy)

Top Shot

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