Level: Sea Angel 9

Spell Resistance: yes

Summoning a titanic glass of water, you shatter it and flood the field with freezing water. Surfing along a block of ice, you smash through your foes as they try to stay afloat. As a full attack action, you summon one 10 by 10 cube of water for every level you possess. This water flows and moves like real water, but seems to move slightly slower. This water all rushes out in one direction like a raging river and creatures caught in the area of the flood must make a Reflex save DC: 19+Wisdom modifier or be swept away in it's current and be moved 10 feet per level (Maximum 200 feet).

Creatures that succeed on their saving throw are considered staggered for 1 round but are not moved from their place. Swim checks while within the water are at a DC equal to the save DC for the technique. The Sea Angel has no problems swimming in this torrent and gains a +30 bonus to it's move speed. In addition, any creature struck by the Sea Angel while in the water takes an additional 5d6 damage. This lasts 1 round per 2 levels after which the water seems to drain away suddenly.

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