Level: Shinigami 6

Spell Resistance: yes

Summoning a pit to the deepest recesses of the shadow realm, the black tentacles of madness consume your foes and show them true fear before spitting their battered corpses back into the world of the living. Creatures within a 10 foot cube placed anywhere within 60 feet must make a fortitude save DC: 16 + Charisma modifier, or be thrust into a plane of darkness for 1 round, returning at the end of the Shinigami’s next turn. Whilst in this pit creatures take double damage, applying any feats that apply to critical hits, Along with 1d8 damage per level (Max 20d8). They must also succeed on a will save of the same DC or be shaken and blinded for 1d4 rounds following. Creatures who succeed their save take 1/2 damage. Creatures whom were already shaken before this technique was used, take 1d4 negative levels if they fail their will save and the Shinigami heals a number of hitpoints equal to his charisma modifier times the number of negative levels inflicted.

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