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Known as "Black Gods" Death is a very specialized version of a Shinigami. With a mastery of Fire and Ice techniques and spells they can destroy their enemies with ease.

Weapon Proficiency: Death utilizes a piercing pickaxe like hand, This attack deals 3d6 damage.

Ability Boost: Whenever a Shinigami would normally gain a bonus to their strength modifier, they instead gain a bonus to their dexterity. This stacks with the other dexterity bonus they earn from leveling up as normal.

Frosted Flame Dominion: At 1st level, Death gains access to the Fire and the Ice domains and all of their abilities, using it's death level as it's cleric level to determine abilities.

This replaces the wind spells Death usually has access to as well as it's normal energy resistances and it's Damage reduction.

Finesse: Death can take weapon finesse for it's monster attack.

Death spells

1st-Level Death spells— Bane, Cause Fear, Command, Curse Water, Death Knell, Detect Poison, Decompose Corpse, Interrogation, Ray of enfeeblement, Ray of Sickening, Restore corpse, Doom, Inflict Light Wounds, Magic Weapon, Protection from Good/Law/Evil/Chaos, Read Magic

2nd-Level Death spells— Blindness/ Deafness, Corruption Resistance, Command Undead, Defoliate, False Life, Unshakable Chill, Darkness, Darkvision, Desecrate, Eagle's Splendor, Hold Person, Invisibility, Scare, Silence, Undetectable Alignment

3rd-Level Death spells— Animate Dead, Bestow Curse, Contagion, Deeper Darkness, Defile Armor, Dispel Magic, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Magic Weapon Greater, Vampiric Touch

4th-Level Death spells— Fear, Inflict Serious Wounds, Invisibility Greater, Poison, Resounding Blow, Slay Living, Terrible Remorse

5th-Level Death spells— Atonement, Boneshatter, Break Enchantment, Greater Contagion, Curse of Magic Negation, Major Curse, Inflict Light wounds Mass, Raise Dead, Scrying, True Seeing, Unhallow, Unholy Ice

6th-Level Death spells— Antilife Shell, Banishment, Blade Barrier, Epidemic, Harm, Inflict Moderate Wounds Mass, Undeath to Death

7th-Level Death spells— Control Undead, Finger of Death, Destruction, Inflict Serious Wounds Mass, Resurrection, Repulsion, Create Demiplane Lesser

8th-Level Death spells— Create Demiplane, Dimensional Lock, Discern Location, Frightful Aspect, Inflict Critical Wounds Mass, Orb of the Void, Symbol of Death, Unholy Aura

9th-Level Death spells— Energy Drain, Create Greater Demiplane, Cursed Earth, Overwhelming Presence, Polar Midnight, Soul Bind, True Resurrection

Death techniques

2nd-Level Death techniques —Death Spinner (MC)**

3rd-Level Death techniques —Nightmare Sheep (MC)**, Fire Dance **, Ice Dance **

7th-Level Death techniques —Drop Out (MC)**, Light Dance **

8th-Level Death techniques —Nightmare Gate (MC)**

9th-Level Death techniques — Fire and Ice **

Reincarnation Edit

If Reincarnating into this class after having already been this class, or a class with similar abilities, check the following page to see what ability you'll get instead at the levels you would normally gain an already achieved class ability.

Death Reincarnation

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