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Greetings and welcome to the Netherworld! The Disgaea D20 system is a free to use Pathfinder D20 tabletop game system based off of the RPG series "Disgaea" by Nippon Ichi Software. As of now the place will be pretty barren, however in time I hope to present a very good conversion of different races, classes, and abilities from the Disgaea universe as well as supplements from Makai Kingdom, La Pucelle Tactics, Soul Nomad, and Phantom Brave!

So hold on to your hats dood it's gonna be a loooong ride!





Monster Classes






Optional Rules


Martial Techniques

Magic Items

Prestige Classes


Dark Senate

Mythic Power

This game utilizes the Pathfinder Table Top RPG rules and as such the following can be used to aid you in running a Disgaea d20 campaign. [1] [2]

Disgaea, Disgaea 2, Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, Makai Kingdom, La Pucelle Tactics, Soul Nomad, and Phantom Brave and any other game I may reference but forgot to mention are all copyrighted by Nippon Ichi Software. In addition, most of the artwork presented here is copyrighted by Nippon Ichi Software.

If you have questions or would like to contact me, do so at

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