Level: Dragon 9

Spell Resistance: no

Summoning the imperial dragon spirit and the might of the rising dragon, you merge with it's strength giving you a green aura of power. You can launch through the enemy and bite him clean in half. You gain a +4 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and constitution for 1 round per level. You can choose to expend the technique early during a bite attack. Whenever you land the attack, should you choose to end the duration, you deal critical damage with an additional 10 damage for every round remaining in the technique's duration. (Max 200 damage). Creatures must succeed in a fortitude saving throw DC: 19+ Strength modifier. If the creature succeeds it's saving throw it takes only 5 damage per level (Max 100). Creatures who fail their save take full damage as well as 1 negative level. This negative level wears off after an hour.

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