This is a list of all of the Dragon's "Monster" techniques it can acquire.


Level 1 ==Edit

Bloody Talons



Level 2 ==Edit

Wind Breaker


Exploding Rock



Level 3==Edit

Element Slash (Magichange)


Elemental Breath



Level 4 ==Edit


Dragon Flash (Magichange)


Dragon Slash

Dragon Hornet


Level 5 ==Edit


Dragon Claw


Inside Tour



Level 6 ==Edit


Dragon Missile

Way of Dragon



Level 7 ==Edit


Colored Nova

Dragon Lightning

Sky-High Dragon (Magichange)


Level 8 ==Edit


Dragon Nova

Evil Dragon Play


Beat Wash (Magichange)



Level 9 ==Edit


Dragon Assassinator


Draconic Ultimate


Final Dragon (Magichange)

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