Level: Flame God 9

Spell Resistance: yes

Embracing your foes with a blast of flame, you encircle it and launch skyward with the superheated mini star, You quickly shift directions and launch back downwards at such a breakneck pace you look like a shooting star. At the last minute you dash away, letting the Star fall to the planet, the impact sending it into a super nova. Make an attack on the Grapple CMD of all enemies within a 20 foot cube at a +2 circumstance bonus. Creatures grappled take critical damage as well as an additional 2d6 damage per level (Max 40d6) and must succeed in a fortitude saving throw DC: 19+Strength modifier for half damage. This damage is considered both fire, and disintegration damage for calculating weaknesses, but resistance grants no benefit and you take 1/2 damage from creatures that possess immunity to either one.

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