Usually much more beautiful and cleanly than other witches, Flower witches are still selfish and often times just as uncaring as the flowers they grow. A Flower Witch  is often known for being very greedy and vain and usually looks down on everyone, feeling her own beauty is far superior to theirs.

Grassy planes, Forests, and Jungles so long as there are flower fields nearby are the Flower Witches dominions.


Flower Maiden (Sp): While traveling through plains covered in flowers, gardens, any form of blooming undergrowth, , heavy roots, and similar terrain, the witch leaves no trail and cannot be tracked, as the trackless step druid ability. The witch can walk through roots and enormous fields of sunflowers as if it were normal ground.

Harrowing Petals (Su): A number of times equal to 3+ the witch's intelligence modifier, as a standard action, select one 10 by 10 foot square within 30 feet. Creatures in that area must make a reflex saving throw or take 1d10+1 damage per 2 levels (Max 1d10+10). At 8th level the area becomes 20 by 20 and at 12th level it becomes 1d10+ 1 per level (Max 1d10+20).

Rose Thorn Armor (Su): A Flower Witch can cause a host of rose like thorns to burst from her skin as a free action. While bramble armor is in effect, any foe striking her with an unarmed strike or a melee weapon without reach takes 1d6 points of piercing damage + 1 point per two witch levels you possess. You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to your witch level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. At 10th level this becomes 1d8 instead.

Whirling Flower Shield: A number of times per day equal to 3+intelligence modifier, you can choose to grant yourself a 20% miss chance as an immediate action. This lasts for a single attack. At level 10 it becomes 40% and at level 16 it becomes 60%.

Orchid's Drop (Su): A Flower Witch that selects this can once per day use the effects of an Orchid's drop spell on any one potion that she drinks as a swift action. At 7th level this becomes twice per day and three times per day at 14th level.

Major Hexes:

Flowerportation (Su): A number of times per day equal to the witch's intelligence modifier, the witch can cast a dimension door spell. Upon using this she bursts into flower petals and reappears wherever she goes in the same manner she had left. By spending two uses of this ability, she can do it as an immediate action.

Accursed Kiss (Su): A number of times per day equal to your intelligence modifier, as a standard action, you can kiss a grappled or helpless creature. That creature must make a fortitude saving throw or be transformed permanently into a Tiramisu plant creature. This works like Plant Shape II, and the creature becomes large sized, however they do not gain the bonus to strength, Constitution or armor class, and you are treated as both your original type and as a plant type creature for effects that harm you. Your movement speed is reduced by 15 feet (Minimum 0) and you cannot hold weapons. A remove curse or break enchantment spell from a caster of the same level or higher than the witch can remove these effects. By spending 3 uses of this ability and a full round action, you can cast a spell that targets more than one creature, and cause one creature in the spell's area to be effected by this. Each saving throw must be made separately. A creature who saves against this effect cannot be effected by the same creature's ability for 24 hours.

Poison Breath (Su): The witch gains a breath weapon, a cone out to 30 feet of poison. The creatures in the area must make a fortitude saving throw DC: 10+1/2 level +Intelligence modifier or take 1d4 damage per 3 witch levels (Max 6d4) and take 1d6 constitution damage. The constitution damage persists for a number of rounds equal to your witch level, and 2 saves ends the effect. The number of saves needed increases by +1 for every 5 levels possessed (Max 6). This can be used once every 1d4+2 rounds.

Poison Spells (Su): By taking a full round action to cast a spell that would normally take a standard action, you can apply one dose of poison to the spell to effect any creature effected by the spell. They gain the save against the poison, and if it strikes the creature more than once they need only to make one saving throw. If using this hex on a summoning spell, it grants the monsters the poison on the first attack that they make with a single natural attack.

Flower Eruption (Sp): Once per day for every 4 levels in witch that you possess, you can summon a whirling cloud of petals that tear through your foe's flesh. This works like a blade barrier spell of your caster level. Creatures that attempt to attack through the barrier have a 20% miss chance to hit a target, however this does not effect the caster.

Deadly Petal Dance (Su): A number of times per day equal to your intelligence modifier, when you cast a spell that deals energy damage, you can choose to deal slashing damage instead of that energy type, turning the spell into a whirlwind of petals.

Grand Hexes:

Massive Growth (Su): The Witch's size permanently increases by 2 steps and you gain a +4 bonus to strength and constitution, a -4 to Dexterity, a +2 to CMD and CMB, and a -2 to attack rolls and armor class. This triples the witch's height and multiplies the witch's weight by 16. All equipment worn or carried by a creature is similarly enlarged. Weapons affected by this deal more damage. Other magical properties are not affected by this. Magical properties of enlarged items are not increased by this spell.

Tiramisu Parade (Sp): Once per day as a standard action the Witch can use a spell that mimics the effects of a Shambler Spell. The number of Tiramasu summoned by this spell is increased by +2 and they gain the Advanced creature template a second time. This has a duration of 1 minute per level instead of the usual duration.

Flower Typhoon (Su): As a standard action, creatures within an area burst centered on the witch must make a fortitude saving throw or be nauseated. Creatures that end their turn within the area of effect take 5d6 damage, this damage bypasses damage reduction. This effects an area of 5 feet in every direction for every level of witch you possess and it lasts for 1 round per 5 levels. Creatures trying to attack into this area with a ranged weapon suffer a 50% miss chance and creatures with melee weapons suffer a 20% miss chance. This can be used once per day, and once per day again at 16th level. This is treated as a spell for the purpose of using the Poison spells hex.

'Spells: '2nd—entangle, 4th—barkskin, 6th—plant growth, 8th—command plants, 10th—wall of thorns, 12th—repel wood, 14th—animate plants, 16th—control plants, 18th—shambler.

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