Level: Orc 3

Spell Resistance: no

When activating this technique, it can be used in the following ways...

Flying V-Strike: Slamming into your enemy as fire streaks through the air, you lift upwards quickly and create the shape of a V in mid air that explodes through your foe. As a standard action, Make a single attack against a foe at your highest base attack bonus, if this attack hits you deal normal damage as well as 1d6 fire damage. If the attack hit successfully, you can make another attack at the same bonus. If this attack hits you deal critical damage and 1d10 fire damage.

Magichange: Flying V-Strike: Leaping into the air you slam down on your enemy with incredible force, causing a V shaped explosion to erupt from the ground. This can only be used as a magichange technique. As a standard action, you make a single attack against an enemy within reach. If this hits you deal normal damage. This attack can be a vital strike. If it hits you deal an additional 1d6 damage per level (Max 10d6).

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