Level: Desco 9 (Magichange)

Spell Resistance: no

Smashing your foe into space, they land on an asteroid belt, after leaping into space, you merge with a colossal Usatako, which opens it's multiple mouths and fires bursts of energy, ray beams, and repeated energy shots at your foes in a salvo of destruction that destroys the entire asteroid belt. As a standard action, creatures within a 30 foot burst located anywhere within 100 feet must make a reflex saving throw DC: 19+ Constitution modifier or take normal damage as well as 10 damage per level (Max +200). Creatures who succeed in their saving throw take 5d6 damage+1 per level instead (Max 5d6+20). Creatures that fail take full damage and are blinded and deafened for 1d6 rounds.

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