Level: Moth Man 7

Spell Resistance: no

Sunset Smash: Sending out a screech to your moth man compatriots, you all weave your enemy in a cocoon and fly off with them into the sun. Make a full attack on your enemy with an additional attack at your highest base attack bonus. For every attack you land you deal an additional 5d6 additional fire damage. A successful Fortitude saving throw DC:17+ Dexterity modifier is required on each attack for half damage.

Sunset Lullaby: Dashing past your enemy a thousand times at a blinding speed, you cocoon them in a silky shell and carry them off into the sunset with your other moth buddies. As a standard action, make a single attack against your opponent, if this attack hits you deal an additional 3d6+1 damage per level (Max 5d6+20). The enemy must make a fortitude saving throw DC: 17+Dexterity modifier. If the enemy fails their save both you and the enemy are moved your full move speed in any direction you choose.

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