Level: Shinigami 2

Spell Resistance: yes

Spinning your deathscythe through the air you vanish in an instant, reappearing behind your opponent and grappling them hard whilst your deathscythe goes to town disemboweling them and making their insides outside. As a full attack action, Make an attack on your opponents CMD with a +2 circumstance bonus to the check. This can be made on any creature within 40 feet. If it hits and you succeed your opponent will be flat footed as your scythe makes a full attack at your normal bonus. This attack deals an additional and accumulating +1 damage for every attack you land in this round. Enemies struck must succeed in a DC: 12+ Charisma modifier will saving throw or be shaken. If the creature effected is already shaken, instead you double the penalties caused by shaken.

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