Level Hundred Knight 9

Spell Resistance: no

The Grand Form of the Avian is the final evolution of the Hundred Knight and one of it's strangest transformations. The Torch on it's head lights up as he turns around, his body growing and contorting into an armored eagle as the light dims down. As a standard action, you become the Grand form of the Avian. This grants a +8 bonus to strength, dexterity, and Charisma, but gives a -4 penalty to Intelligence, and Wisdom. Your size increases by 2 categories and you gain a +3 bonus to natural armor, and you gain a fly speed equal to your move speed with Average maneuverability. You also gain a bonus to your fly skill equal to 1/2 of your Hundred knight level. While in this form, you have 2 attacks that use your highest base attack bonus, however you cannot do any of your other attacks on a full attack. This still deals the same amount of damage, and you also lose 8 calorie points. You also gain the following abilities.

Hundred Dive Bomb: As part of a charge attack, you gain a +4 bonus to the attack roll and +1 to damage for every 10 feet moved before the attack (Max +20).

Hundred Piece Avatar: You gain 2 evolution points you can use to upgrade yourself. These are used as if you were the eidolon of a summoner of your Hundred Knight hit dice. These cannot be changed until this ability is used again.

Only one Hundred Facet Technique can be active at any given time. If this is activated while in another Hundred Facet, the previous one ends instantly. This lasts 1 minute per level

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