Level Hundred Knight 7

Spell Resistance: no

The Shinobi Assassin is the master form of stealth for the Hundred Knight, allowing it to become one with the world around it and meld with the shadows. The Torch on it's head lights up as he turns around, his armor turning deep black as the light dims down. As a standard action, you become the Shinobi Assassin. This grants a +6 bonus to Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma, and a -6 penalty to Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom, In addition it gains a bonus to stealth and bluff equal to 1/2 it's hundred knight level and +4d6 of sneak attack damage. Techniques with a duration that the Hundred Knight uses in this form last longer as if the Hundred Knight was 4 levels higher. The Hundred Knight's Energy resistances and damage reduction if any are decreased by 20 (Minimum 0). if the Hundred Knight is struck by a critical hit while in this form it deals an additional +4 damage per critical modifier to the Hundred Knight. If the Hundred Knight is normally immune to critical hits or has any sort of fortification, that fortification is cut in half.

Endless Dash: The Hundred Knight's Land speed increases by 60 feet, in addition it can make a single 90 degree turn while running or charging.

Fasting Mentality: The Hundred Knight gains 8 temporary calorie points.

Only one Hundred Facet Technique can be active at any given time. If this is activated while in another Hundred Facet, the previous one ends instantly. This lasts 10 minutes per level

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