Level: Sea Angel 7

Spell Resistance: yes

Summoning up a pool of water, you dive in and freeze it over before creating a magic rune atop it's surface. Thrusting the rune out, you release a burst of magic ice and grow the Ice to three times it's size before dropping it on the enemy with crushing force! As a full attack action, the ground within 30 feet of you becomes rough terrain and is quite slippery. Creatures trying to move on land in this terrain must make a reflex DC: 17+Wisdom modifier or fall prone and end their move. While the ice is in effect, you can make a stealth check as part of any move action and take no penalty (Unless attacking in which you take the usual penalties for sniping. Once during the duration of this spell, you can target a creature with a single Ranged touch attack. If it hits, you deal normal damage, as well as 1d4 ice damage per level (Max 10d4). a successful DC:17+ Wisdom modifier fortitude saving throw halves the damage. Creatures that succeed this save gain a reflex save of the same DC to avoid the falling ice. Creatures that failed their first save however take an additional 5d10 damage. This lasts for 1 round per level.

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