Level: Lantern 8

Spell Resistance: Yes

Summoning up a barrel of gasoline, you toss it in the air and dash through your enemy. You cut through them from every direction, flickering and reappearing in different locations before sliding along the ground while your enemy is stunned. The barrel lands on the enemy and spills along the trench you made from sliding, and you ignite the flame to burn away the enemy. As a full attack action you create a single 60 foot line for every 4 levels you possess. Each line must be connected to the other, tip to tip, but do not have to be going in the same direction. They can intersect, however they cannot overlap one right ontop of the other. Enemies in this line of fire must make a fortitude saving throw DC: 18+Strength modifier or take double damage as well as an additional 1d6 damage per level (Max 25d6). Half of this damage is divine and half is fire and as such fire resistance or immunity doesn't apply to the divine damage. The area effected works as a Wall of Fire spell for 1 round per 4 levels after this technique is used.

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