Level: Great Wyrm 4

Spell Resistance: yes

Spinning around and creating a ring of your powerful aura, you plant your feet and let it tear through your enemies in a 30 foot line. This technique adds, Fiery, Frigid, Raging, Astral, or Diabolic to it's name depending on your discipline. It also adds a secondary effect. As a standard action, Creatures within a 60 foot line in front of the Great Wyrm must make a reflex saving throw or take normal damage along with 1d6 damage per level (Max 10d6 damage). The additional damage is Either Fire, Normal, Frost, Force, or Disintegration damage depending on your discipline. A successful reflex saving throw DC: 14+ Strength modifier cuts the damage in half. If the enemy fails the save it also takes 1 constitution damage (Fiery), 1 Dexterity damage (Frigid), 1 point of Intelligence damage (Rage), -10 feet to move speed for 1 round (Astral), 1d6 damage to the creature's armor and weapon that bypasses hardness (Diabolic).

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