Level: Golem 9

Spell Resistance: no

Slamming into your foes, you enlarge with every attack you land. Flinging them into the sky, you leap upward and increase in size yet again, only to drop down on your foes like a world ending meteor. As a full attack action, make a single attack against every enemy within reach. If this attack hits it deals double damage as well as 2d12+1 per level (Max 2d12+20). Once your attack is finished, you increase in size by 2 categories. You gain a +8 bonus to Strength and 4 temporary hitpoints per hit dice. You take a -4 penalty to dexterity, and your natural armor increases by +8. This lasts for 1 round per 3 levels. If this technique is used again while still under the effects of a previous use, your damage on the first part becomes 3d12+2 per level (Max 3d12+40) and it just refreshes Macho Golem's Duration.

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