Level: Desco 6

Spell Resistance: yes

Detaching from your Usatako, you release a swarm of tiny Descos onto your foe which hold them in place while the Usatako fires a deadly burst of energy. As a standard action, Create 1 small sized Desco swarm for every 5 levels you possess (Max 4 desco swarms at level 20). These swarms all possess hit points equal to 1/4 of your total HP. These desco swarms deal 1d6 damage per 3 levels (Max 6d6 at 18th level). Every round they end their turn in your square they deal their swarm damage. The Descos distraction DC is 16+ Constitution modifier. The Desco's have a fly speed of 80 feet (Perfect) and use your ability scores (-12) to determine their statistics. Their Dexterity does not take the -12 penalty, nor do they possess a penalty to hit points due to bad constitution. They do not possess DR, and their AC is 18+ Dexterity modifier. For every Desco within your enemy's square, the enemy takes a -2 penalty to reflex saving throws. This lasts for 1 round per level. You can prematurely end the effect and force all creatures within a 15 foot burst to make a reflex saving throw DC: 16+ Constitution modifier or take normal damage as well as 1d8 damage per level (Max 20d8).

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