This is a list of all of the Nekomata's "Monster" techniques it can acquire.

Level 1Edit

Cat Strike

Cat Kick



Level 2Edit

Rapid Kick

Kitty Rampage

Cat Scratch (Magichange)



Level 3Edit

Cat Strike III

 Cat Dance

Flaring Kitty Shot (Magichange)



Level 4Edit


Fists of Fury


Kitty Brain Blast

Meow Meow Beating (Magichange)


Level 5Edit


Mystic Blast

Cat Strike IV



Level 6Edit


Cat Blast

Cat Punch Rush


Cat Paw (Magichange)



Level 7Edit


Grand Slam (Magichange)


Level 8Edit

Rolling Cat Rush

Delta Kick


Level 9Edit



Cat Wave Z

Boxer Kitty

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