Level: Ghost 9

Spell Resistance: yes

Banishing your foes deep within a galactic maze, you fly through the corridors, finding and devouring all of them. Creatures within a 30 foot burst placed anywhere within 100 feet of the Ghost must succeed in a Will save DC: 19+Charisma modifier. Those that fail are thrust into a maze of horror and paralyzed for 1 round. The creatures take normal damage as well as 10 damage per level (Max 200 damage). On the following round, the creature must succeed in another will saving throw or take 1/2 of the damage again, and so on making the saving throw every round for half damage until it can do no more damage. Creatures that succeed the first saving throw take 10d6+1 per level (max +20) as they witness the galactic maze for an instant. This is a mind effecting spell, however it effects creatures usually immune to mind effecting effects as it attacks the senses on a primal level. Creatures normally immune gain a +6 bonus to resist.

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