Level: Golem 6

Spell Resistance: No

Rearing back and charging your fist with a horrible energy, you lash out and slam into your enemy with a force so hard it doesn't really set in until a second later when they fly backward. As a full attack action, make a single attack against a creature within reach. If this attack hits you deal double damage as well as an additional 1d6 damage per level (Max 10d6). This creature however doesn't take damage until it goes to take an action, and must make a fortitude saving throw DC: 16+Strength modifier. If the creature fails it's save it is thrown back a number of feet equal to the damage dealt as it begins it's turn. If the creature succeeds in it's save it is only knocked back 5 feet and does not take the additional 1d6 damage per level. Falling damage is calculated normally.

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