The category of weapons is actually a collection of many different weapons. These weapons include the glaive, guisarme, halberd, ranseur, javelin, lance, longspear, shortspear, spear, drill, shovel, and trident.


= Level 1 =



Flash Spear


= Level 2 =

Impaler Drop




Phantom Stab

Blade Bash


= Level 3=


Angler Lift (Drill Synergy)


Pole Charge


Lightning Spear

Multi Ray (Longspear Synergy)


= Level 4 =


Bedrock's End  (Drill Synergy)


Sky Lunge


Sky High (Longspear Synergy)

Dark Lance (Longspear Synergy)

Spear Blow


= Level 5 =


Piercing Spears


Thunder bolt (Longspear Synergy)




Dragon's Lance (Lance Synergy)

Sonic Charge (Longspear Synergy)



= Level 6 =


Asteroid Drop



Spear Gate

Thunder Bolt (Longspear Synergy)

Magic Comet Slash

= Level 7 =


Golden Slicer


Divine Strike


Spearing Windmill


Chronicles (Longspear Synergy)

Phoenix Valor


= Level 8 =

Storm Shock


Meteor Shower

Meteor Sky Spear

Star Light (Longspear Synergy)

= Level 9 =


Spear Storm


Cannon Shower




Pole Rage



Dimension Rush

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