Level: Ghost 9

Spell Resistance: no

Summoning a swarm of furniture above you, you telekinetically slam it in to your enemies in a barrage of tables and sofas. This can be used in one of two ways.

Ectoplasmic Assault: Make a full attack on creatures as if your reach was 60 feet. You gain an additional attack at your highest base attack bonus. Every attack that hits deals normal damage as well as an additional 5d6 damage. For every 2 attacks you land on a single enemy, that enemy takes an additional number of damage equal to 5d6+your charisma modifier. No one enemy can be the subject of that secondary ability more than once per round.

Object Manipulation: Every unattended object within 60 feet can be moved to your square, or adjacent to you if it is impossible to move the object to your square. You can choose to fling these objects back as well. If you do, creatures within this area must make a DC: 19+Charisma modifier reflex saving throw or take normal damage as well as 1d6 damage per level (Max 25d6). A successful saving throw halves the damage. If they take damage from this ability, they are shaken for 1d6 rounds and take double penalties from the shaken condition.

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