Level Prinny 4

Spell Resistance yes

Reaching into its fanny pack, the prinny produces a powerful black bomb. After flapping it’s little wings and lifting into the air it rears back and slams the object into the ground with devastating force. When activating this technique you can use it in the following ways, select one when using this.

Close Quarters Bombing: Creatures adjacent to the prinny take normal damage as well as 1d6 fire damage per level (Max 10d6) as well as +2d6 force damage +1 per level (Max +20). A successful reflex save DC: 14+Dexterity modifier halves the damage.

Ranged Bomber: Creatures within a 20 foot burst placed anywhere within 60 feet must make a reflex saving throw DC: 14+Dexterity modifier or take normal damage as well as an additional 1d6 fire damage per level (Max 10d6). Creatures that fail their saving throw are also deafened for 1d6 rounds.

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