This is a list of all of the Prinny's "Monster" techniques it can acquire.

Level 1 Edit

Prinny Barrage

Prillian Bomb

Booty Slam

Level 2 Edit

Prinny Dance

Bomb Trio (Magichange)

Level 3Edit

Priver Dance

Panic Laser (Magichange)

Prinny Blizzard

Trans Prin Barrage (Magichange)

Level 4 Edit

Prinny Bomb

Level 5 Edit

Prinny Forever

Level 6 Edit

Volcanic Prinny

Thousand Prinnies

Bomber Dood

Extreme Break

Level 7 Edit

Prinny Fusillade

Level 8 Edit

Trick or Bomb (Magichange)

Code Prinny

Prinny Volcano (Magichange)

Level 9 Edit

Pringer Beam

Prinnical Shock (Magichange)