Challenge: The samurai can challenge the target an additional number of times per day as normal.

Martial Pool: The Samurai's martial pool drops back down to it's base amount, and gains an additional 3 points. It can affect as many weapons with this ability as the number of times it's gained this ability through reincarnation. So if a Samurai is on it's second incarnation and gains this ability, it can possess 2 weapons effected by his martial pool at a time instead of the usual 1.

Order: The Samurai must select a different order than the one he selected in his past life, however he still retains all of the abilities of his past order.

Resolve: The Samurai gains additional uses of resolve based on his level.

Weapon Expertise: The Samurai must select a different weapon to apply these abilities to.

Bushi Road: The Samurai's previous Bushi returns to it's level 1 statistics, and levels along with the Samurai as normal. In addition the Samurai gains an additional Bushi that gains abilities as the Samurai levels up.

Banner: The bonuses granted increased just as they normally would based on level.

Samurai Bonus Feats: The Samurai gains bonus feats as normal, however they only gain bonus feats at levels 6, and 18.

Honorable Stand: The samurai gains additional uses per day of Honorable stand whenever he would normally gain them.

Demanding Challenge: The demanding challenge penalty increases by -1.

Greater Banner: The bonus to saves increases by +2.

True Resolve: This works as the listed ability. It possesses no additional effects.

Last Stand: You gain 1 additional use of Last stand.

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