Level: Great Wyrm 9

Spell Resistance: yes

You launch yourself into the blackness of space and allow your mighty draconic aura to absorb a star. You channel your discipline into your very core and tear through the world, destroying reality it's self. This technique adds, Fiery, Frigid, Raging, Astral, or Diabolic to it's name depending on your discipline. It also adds a secondary effect. As a full attack action, Creatures in a 30 foot burst centered around the Great Wyrm must make a fortitude saving throw or take normal damage along with 10 damage per level (Max 200 damage). The additional damage is Either Fire, Normal, Frost, Force, or Disintegration damage depending on your discipline. A successful Fortitude saving throw DC: 19+ Strength modifier makes the damage only 10d6+1 per level (Max +20). Creatures that fail their saving throw take full damage and take 1 damage to each ability score as well as 5d6+strength modifier fire damage for 4 rounds (Fiery), the enemy is paralyzed and takes 1 dexterity damage every round for 4 rounds (Frigid), The enemy is effected by an Insanity spell (Rage), The enemy is pushed back a number of feet equal to the damage dealt and takes falling damage (Astral), The enemy takes 2 negative levels (Diabolic), The saving throw must be made again in 24 hours or the negative levels are permanent.

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