Level: Slumber Cat 9

Spell Resistance: yes

Tac Nayn: Tossing your foes skyward, you leap on the back of your trusty fish and fly through the galaxy tearing through your enemies with a stream of sparkles flying out of your ass all to the beat of a super cute song. As a standard action, You gain a +60 bonus to your fly speed and a +2 insight bonus to armor class, in addition, you are considered to be charging on all of your attacks made (+2 to hit, -2 to armor class) and your melee range is increased by 25 feet. Each of your attacks deals an additional 5d6 damage to your enemy, and if you hit an enemy with 2 attacks in a row in a single round, you deal an additional 5d6 damage. This lasts 1 round per level.

Blue Sky Surfer: Flinging your enemy into the sky, you leap on your flying mackerel and call some other buddies of yours to swoop in and cut through them like a squadron of fighter jets. Summon 2 Blue Sky Surfer sentinels as well as an additional blue sky surfer sentinel pe levels. Any of these surfers can be summoned within 30 feet of the performer. These have 5 hitpoints per 2 levels (Max 50), and are immune to attacks of opportunity. They possess an armor class equal to your own (-20), and the same saving throws as you. They can make a single attack at your same base attack bonus (-20) and possess a fly speed equal to your own speed +50 feet. They deal 4d6 damage on a successful hit and modify the damage with your dexterity modifier. Finally, they possess 1 attack of opportunity a round, and last for 1 round per 4 levels, or until destroyed. Only one use of this technique can be active at any given time.

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