Level: Slime 6

Spell Resistance: no

Splitting into several smaller slimes, they lash out and attack your foe with relentless vigor. As a standard action, Your size becomes Small, and you split into 4 little versions of yourself. Though your statistics remain the same, each of you possess 1/4 of your remaining hit points. Clones do not have access to any of your techniques, nor evilities, but do have your equipment. They also do not possess any of your evilities. This equipment vanishes if it is removed from the slime. During this form you are considered to be all of the slimes and can see through their senses. This technique lasts 1 round per level and at the end of the duration the parts fuse back together. If one or more of them were destroyed, you do not gain back the hit points from remerging and must heal or rest them back to full.

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