Level: Slime 6

Spell Resistance: no

Gooping on to your ally's hand, you transform into a massive jiggling fist. You grip on to your enemies and squeeze tight, releasing a massive blast of energy when you let go. As a standard action, you gain a +4 Morale bonus to Strength and Constitution, as well as +2d6 acid damage on each attack made with the monster weapon. Your reach also increases by 5 feet. You can make disarm and grapple attempts with this weapon and gain a +2 bonus to the CMB roll, and if you successfully grapple you deal your weapon damage. This technique can be discharged early at any point to deal damage to a creature being grappled. This deals 1d6 acid damage per round remaining in the technique (Max 15d6), a fortitude saving throw DC: 16+Constitution modifier halves the damage. This technique lasts 1 round per level.

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