This is a list of all of the Slumber Cat's "Monster" techniques it can acquire.

Level 1 Edit

Fish Swing

Level 2 Edit

Cat Kick Teaser

Burning Hairball

Level 3Edit

Chasing Fishy

Death Scorn

Screw Claw (Magichange)

Cat Setaria

Giant Meow Swing (Magichange)

Level 4 Edit

Kitty Cat Hoop

Death Stomp  (Magichange)

Feigned Innocence

Level 5 Edit

Death Swing

Full On Kitty (Magichange)

Cat Meteor Fist

Level 6 Edit

Bell Volcano

Fishing Cloud (Magichange)

Combo Attack

Cat Umbrella Spin (Magichange)

Level 7 Edit

Death Package (Magichange)

Slumber Acrobatics

Booming Meow Kick (Magichange)

Level 8 Edit

Death Wing

Hairball Incident (Magichange)

Level 9 Edit

Sky Surfer

Ball Retriever

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