D2 Yukimaru
Hailing from an ancient clan of demons whom have practiced the art of ice and snow manipulation in their ninjutsu for thousands of years, Snow Ninja are rare and powerful shinobi. Shrouded in mystery, little is known about them, only that their clan was destroyed years ago and that there are only a few survivors whom have banded together to reform their once great society.

The Snow Clan Ninja possesses the following changes.

Snow Melody (Su):

At first level, the Snow Clan Ninja learns to channel her icy energies into a deadly weapon. At first level the Ninja gains the Elemental Fist feat. This can be used a number of times per day equal to her ninja level + her Charisma modifier, and it can only be used to channel Frost damage. Unlike with the usual feat, this can be used along with not only the unarmed strike, but with any weapon the Ninja is proficient with. It's damage increases as the Sneak attack damage would.

At 5th level this damage bypasses Ice resistance 5, At 10th level it bypasses Ice resistance 10, at 15th level it bypasses ice resistance 15, and at 20th level it ignores any ice resistance and deals 1/2 damage against creatures immune to ice.

This replaces Sneak attack. Any ability that would usually be applied to sneak attack, is instead applied to this.

Ice Resistance:

At 4th level, 8th level, and 12th level, the Ninja gains resistance 10 to frost, resistance 20 to frost, and Immunity to frost damage respectively.

This replaces the Ninja's 4th, 8th, and 12th level Ninja tricks.

Reincarnation Edit

If Reincarnating into this class after having already been this class, or a class with similar abilities, check the following page to see what ability you'll get instead at the levels you would normally gain an already achieved class ability.

Snow Clan Ninja Reincarnation

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