Level: Great Wyrm 8  

Spell Resistance: yes

When activating this technique you must do so in one of the following ways.

Explosive God Spiral: You roar and slam your hands into the ground as a mass of energy launches like a barrage of mortar fire or cluster bombs from your back and destroys enemies around you. This technique adds, Fiery, Frigid, Raging, Astral, or Diabolic to it's name depending on your discipline. As a standard action, Every creature within 30 feet (Up to 1 target per 3 levels with a maximum of 6 targets) is targeted by a spiraling missile. A successful reflex saving throw DC: 17+ Strength modifier halves the damage. Each missile deals double damage as well as an additional 1d8 damage per level (Max 20d6). All damage is Either Fire, Normal, Frost, Force, or Disintegration damage depending on your discipline.

Raining Death Spiral: You surround yourself with a column of energy before you fling yourself skyward and explode orbs of energy down into your foes and then drop down on them to release another burst of said energy. This technique adds, Flame, Frost, Rage, Astral, or Diabolic to it's name depending on your discipline. It also adds a secondary effect. As a standard action, creatures within a 20 foot burst centered on you must make a reflex saving throw DC: 17+ Strength modifier or take double damage as well as an additional 1d6 damage per level (Max 20d6). This damage is of the usual damage type of your Great Wyrm Discipline. In addition, you also create the effect of a magic missile spell. Each missile deals the damage of your discipline and deals additional damage equal to your strength modifier. These missiles need not target the same creatures effected with this technique. Creatures that succeed in their saving throw take half damage and those that fail take full damage and an additional effect depending on their discipline.

Flame: Creatures struck are dazed for 1 round and dazzled for 1d6 minutes.

Frost: Creatures struck are effected by a slow spell.

Rage: Creatures struck take an additional 1d4 sonic damage per level (Max 10d4).

Astral: Creatures struck by this are all targeted by a magic missile spell, this deals normal magic missile damage and each gets a full magic missile spell cast on it.

Diabolic: Creatures struck take an additional 5d6 unholy damage and are shaken for 2d6 rounds.

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