Level: Great Wyrm 6

Spell Resistance: yes

Twirling the axe before you, the Great Wyrm appears behind you, launching it's breath weapon through the spinning blade to make a stream of spiraling death. This technique adds, Fiery, Frigid, Raging, Astral, or Diabolic to it's name depending on your discipline. It also adds a secondary effect. As a standard action, Creatures in a 40 foot line must make a reflex saving throw DC: 16+Strength modifier or take normal damage as well as 1d6 damage per level (Max 20d6). The additional damage is Either Fire, Normal, Frost, Force, or Disintegration damage depending on your discipline. A successful save cuts the damage in half, a failure however takes full damage and 1d6+Strength modifier fire damage next round (Fiery), Knocked back 10 feet (Rage), Stunned for 1 round(Frigid), Staggered for 1 round (Astral), or take 1 con damage (Diabolic) and they are tossed up a number of feet in the air equal to the damage dealt, taking falling damage as usual.

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