LEVEL: Eryngii 5

Spell Resistance: yes

Jiggling your mushroom top, you let loose several spores and allow them to infect surrounding creatures. As a standard action, every creature adjacent to you must make a fortitude saving throw DC: 15+Constitution modifier. If the creature fails, it is effected by one of the following effects, chosen at random. Roll 1d6 to determine the answer. The roll is made for each creature effected.

1-2: Poison: This poison deals 1d3 Constitution damage per round for 6 rounds. Poisoned creatures can make a Fortitude save each round to negate the damage and end the affliction. 3-4: Sleep: Creature falls asleep for 1 minute/3 levels. 5-6: Paralysis: Creature is stunned for 1 round/3 levels.

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