When you learn to work alongside your allies, you become aware that you can work together to cause greater harm to your foes. You learn to synchronize movements swiftly and without mention. You gain the ability to learn Tag Team Techniques. A Tag Team technique is a technique that every character of every class can learn to utilize. A Tag team Technique is learned the same way as a normal technique, and Monsters can select a tag team Technique in place of a Monster Technique when they're granted them as part of their class. Otherwise they can spend mana to learn them as well. A Tag team technique can be learned with any weapon, however once learned for that weapon, it can only be performed with weapons of that category unless you learn it again.

To use a Tag Team Technique, both you and your ally must use it on the same initiative order, both of you spending the same number of actions and technique slots to perform it. Both allies must know the technique, and allies must be at least on Friendly terms with one another.

For every two steps above Friendly you and your ally are, you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. (See ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS for a larger chart). Each ally uses the bonus of their highest relationship status if there is more than one ally in the tag team attack (However the bonus only applies once overall, just using the highest bonus). This bonus only applies to the first attack in a tag team technique if it has multiple attack rolls. If using a tag team attack, it will tell you to make an attack, in these cases only one character makes the attack, if it says every character involved attacks, then every character is able to attack.

If there is a saving throw to the technique, whichever of the allies possesses the highest Save DC uses that as everyone's DC. If you have an ability that would raise the DC, it is applied, even if you are not the one who's DC is being used.

The maximum number of people participating in the attack is listed in the technique's description under the (Tag Team) section.

Level 1

Tower Move (10 People)

Level 2

Tower Blast (10 People)


Level 3

Corkscrew Demolition (2 People)

Tower Lift (10 People)

Level 4

Tower Swing (10 People)

Twist Grinder (3 People)

Protect Action (1 Person)

Buzz Saw Buddy (2 people)

Ultra Centipede (4 People)

Level 5

Cover Attack (1 Person)

Scissor Party (2 People)

Energy Kick (2 People)

Tower Jump Rope (10 People)


Level 6

Spiral Breaker (2 People)

Delta Toranado (3 People)

Level 7

The Luge (4 People)

Level 8

Galactic Triangle (3 People)

Tandem Blitz (3 People)

Level 9

Tower Shuttle (10 People)

World Skid (4 People)

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