Technique List Edit

Alignment Techniques

These techniques require you to have a specific alignment type to utilize them.

Any Creature

These techniques can be utilized by anyone who wants to learn the technique, you must simply be able to perform techniques of the required level.

Aura Techniques

Techniques that grant you some sort of battle aura. Most of these have some sort of alignment restriction.

Class Specific Techniques

Techniques that can only be used by specific classes. You must have enough levels in a certain class to perform techniques of that level to learn it.

Monster Techniques

Techniques only learnable by the various monster classes throughout the series.

Race Techniques

Techniques usable only by a certain race of creatures.

Size Techniques

Techniques that can only be utilized if you are of large or larger sized.

Specific Character Techniques

Techniques used by specific or iconic creatures from the game series.

Tag Team Techniques

Techniques that can only be utilized with help from allies.

Unique Techniques

Strange techniques that can only be obtained through certan methods.

Weapon Techniques

Techniques that can only be performed by having a certain amount of skill in a certain weapon.

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