Level: Succubus 8

Spell Resistance: yes

You cover yourself with your wings as your clothing disintegrates and you do a little strip tease. You gather the powers of lust and consume their sexual thoughts and desires before releasing the energy back into them. As a standard action, Creatures within a 20 foot burst placed anywhere within 100 feet, must make a will save DC: 18 + Charisma modifier. Creatures that would find the succubus sexually attractive take a -2 penalty on this save. This attack deals damage equal to the succubus natural attack along with 1d10 for every point they fail the save by, Up to the succubus’s level. (Maximum 20d10). Creatures who succeed in this save take no damage. Creatures who critically fail this save take damage as if their overall roll was 1. Creatures that would be sexually attracted to females take an additional amount of damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

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