Level: Sea Angel 5

Spell Resistance: No

Tossing your foe into the air, you crack your head open into a wide, and terrifying maw before lashing your tongue out and swallowing the creature inside of yourself. As a standard ranged touch attack with a range of 40 feet, make a single attack at your highest Base attack bonus, if this hits you deal normal monster weapon damage and you get an additional attack against the creature's grapple CMD. If this hits the creature is pulled into your square and you can swallow it whole by spending a move action. You can swallow a creature of any size whole, and that creature takes damage equal to your base damage every round as well as 1d6 acid damage per 2 levels (Max 10d6). Creatures wanting to get out must make an attack on an AC of 1/2 of the Sea angel's normal AC with a light or natural weapon and deal damage equal to 1/4 of the Sea angel's maximum hit points.

Techniques cannot be used within the stomach. If the creature deals enough damage it is placed outside of the Sea angel, and the angel must make a fortitude saving throw DC: 10+ Bab of the creature that broke out or be sickened for 1 round. There can only be one creature in the Sea angel's stomach for every 2 points she has in her Wisdom modifier.

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